Toko's amazing website

this is header 2! (experiment 1)

my name is Toko

this is header 4?

i am small

i am header 5 and i'm in italics
i am the smallest header. i am tiny.

This is paragraph 2. I am learning how to code whoo

test1 test2

test result - putting bold in a header makes no difference

paragraph test

how do i make text smaller? and change how spread out the text is? and font and colour

experiment 2 - this text is next to sam

this is experiment 3

highlighted text - margin bottom at 50px

second line of text - margin bottom at 10px

third line of text

fourth line of text - margin top at 10px

fifth line of text - margin top at 50px

experiment 4 - rows and columns

this should be in the centre

this should be on the right

experiment 5

random text here - is a span in a div so it doesn't stick next to above text

this is another section on this website and hopefully the background here is another colour

more text to test stuff

this is the third section!